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Meet the Shawlands Young Team...




His exceptional physical strength marked John out for a career in dentistry from an early age.




GERARD feels it is important to stress that he is no longer a cowboy, although he does admit to a fondness for Country Music.








We are assured there is a cat in this photograph somewhere. There is a prize for anyone who can spot it.



Shawlands Dental Practice's very own tooth fairy........



After an early stint in television, SHEENA found her on-screen roles becoming a bit stagnant and decided on a more challenging career in dentistry.


"Dad, gonnae hurry up and take this photo, I'm burstin' " - PAULINE does the Shake 'n' Vac to distract herself........



FIONA M. - the under-6 Govanhill & District Irish Dancing champion demonstrates her steps...


Winner of the Practice's cutest kid award is JACKIE (although she does have the look of having just been up to something she shouldn't have).


3-point turn? A piece of cake. SHONA set her sights on passing her driving test at some point in the next 20 years.


This is PAMELA waiting to audition for the part of Gretl in the stage production of A Sound of Music.


ANNE-MARIE always felt her future lay in the nursing sphere. Here she can be seen taking her own pulse at the age of six.




JACQUI models the new Mini MPV at the Saltcoats motor show in 1959...


HEATHER's fascination for dental hygiene began when her mother's home knit began to unravel, and she realised that she could floss her teeth with it.




This is the only known photograph of ANNE hugging a Teddy Bear!



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